Lore Shadow Daggers

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The Celtic design is gorgeous, and as you turn the Lore to different sources of light, the pattern changes throughout the knife. Well done! The packaging is sturdy yet very classy, reflective of what is inside.
Pat D.

Lore Shadow Dagger CSGO Skin Comparison

Lore Shadow Daggers CSGO Knife Skin Comparison

In this side by side of the real life Lore Shadow Daggers and the original CSGO Skin, you can see that this iconic best seller is a faithful real life replica of the in game CSGO Skin.

The game has yet to offer this iconic skin for Shadow Daggers, but hopefully we'll soon see this incredible combination in the game as well as real life.


Lore Shadow Dagger Knife Specs

-Overall Length: 5.2 Inches

-Blade Length:  2.9 Inches

-Weight:  3.6 Ounces

-Blade Material: Plated Steel

-Handle Material: Plated Steel

-Edge: Sharp

-Comes With: Sheath, microfiber cleaning cloth

-Display stand not included

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